5 Things that Justify My Weired Love for Vaseline

vaselineI’ve got feelings for it, u know!

Oh, My Love Vaseline! Thou art more greasy and much more fragrance-free than any other product in the market. You are my Friend in Need and the wind for my wings underneath. (OMG did I ever tell you guys about my Cloak-and-dagger obsession? WE NEED TO TALK SERIOUSLY.)

Just to be clear, when I say Vaseline, I’m talking about the clear petroleum jelly. I have always held Vaseline since my teenage.

My favourite thing about Vaseline, apart from the super-low price and non scented (MUST every cream smell like lavender or Rose?), is that I’m using it in different ways. Here is my extensive list:


My New Makeup Creation

Vaseline can use as a base for all kinda new makeup creations. I’m sure its a perfect way to finally use the cheap stuff you got in gift last time;)

When I couldn’t find the purple lipstick matched with my eye shadow anywhere, I made my own, using purple eyeshadow and Vaseline. I just scraped up my Purple 3D Eyeshadow and crushed it into a powder, added a dab of Vaseline, mixed it well and I was basically Rihanna for a couple of hours 😉

You can also turn powder eyeshadows into a long lasting cream eyeshadows by using some Vaseline, or turn your powder blush into a dewy creamy one.

Split-End Serum

Every girl is suggested to take a trip to parlour in every 3 months and say bye bye to the split ends and I am guilty of not trimming my ends often enough, Did i ever tell you this? I sometimes rub a tiny bit of Vaseline on my split ends to make them look better and keep them from splitting further.

103641_story__550px-Make-Your-Eyelashes-Longer-Step-4103641_story__550px-Make-Your-Eyelashes-Longer-Step-4103641_story__550px-Make-Your-Eyelashes-Longer-Step-4Last-Minute Life Savor

 Think up this horrible scenario: You have to visit some friend and you need to look presentable in hurry, and you have no makeup with you. Rub on some Vaseline on your eyelashes to make them look thicker and longer and on your brows to tame and enhance them. Turn your fuzzy ponytail into a profesh ponytail by smoothing  flyaways without hairspray or wax. You can also look a bit more awake by using Vaseline around the eyes or by using it as a highlighter above the cheekbones and on your browbone. Or even use a bit on your dirty leather shoes to make them look brand new!

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

A dab of Vaseline on your perfect points to spray perfume, dab it before u spray and it will work for you gal.

Make An At-Home Dye Job Look Less Awful

OK, I know a whole bunch of you girls are are probably at-home dye experts like me, but that is one area in which I am not skilled. The only thing I do is, put some Vaseline on my hairline to keep it from getting stained and look like a Vamp, That’s why I am alerting the world to my bad dye job. Vaseline will really saves you reputations guys.


Do you guys love Vaseline as much as I do?  Can you actually imagine swallowing it like me?