Petite, Please: The Perfect Little Black Dress


Today I’ve assembled this chick and classy look named as “Petite, Please” and thanks to the ModCloth for offering me an absolute opportunity to showcase my talent and gearing up my inner fashionista!


“Petite, Please”: 

I really admire the versatility of Little Black Dress, plus the luscious and alluring feel this dress bids. It’s a modern classic, and for good reason. The LBD can take you from morning to evening—and even to the next day—effortlessly and in style.

I’ve compiled this look using a Bling Bling High Heels, this built-in shimmer is the easiest way to add an extra spring to my step and enhance overall looks Whether I prefer gold, or rose gold, these kicks have the Midas touch. I’ve piled on a little decadence for a dinner date. Accessories like “white pearl” Bracelet, black rose studs will immediately elevate the look and adds an oomph of femininity. Head-turning accessories like black feathered headband for a dramatic final touch will make a big statement.

When it comes to makeup, nothing rivals the power of a red lip. A crimson pout will elevate the outfit, up the sex factor, and make a statement all in one swipe.

Finally, A dinner date look is not completed without evening bags. They may be small in size, but they’re dramatic in style. I think of them like jewelry I can hold right in the palm of my hand or hang them on the side.

Did you like my compilation of “Petite, Please” dinner date look?

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  1. Seekha says:

    I wish you very best for sharing this post. You are amazing. I always visit your site and every-time I found new things here. Thanks for everything.

  2. Payal Pandya says:


  3. pragya says:

    I think LBD + RED lip = a hot sexy mama!!!
    great one dear!!

  4. Vipra S says:

    Amazing Compilation Babe :)
    LBD & Statement Neck-piece can never go wrong ;)
    Loved the Post :*

  5. Payal Pandya says:

    Thanks Shivi :)

  6. I love feather hand bands so much! Nice Look you created babes!

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