Please, Stop Damaging Your Hair Like I Did

split ends with writing

split ends with writing

Two Years of Damage! Colouring, Straightening, Perming, gels, spray, Waxes. I’ve used them all!  

What I’ve done to them, why did I treat them like this?

Hair grows,  This is what I said to myself after damaging my hair to death. But, I neglect the fact that hair doesn’t justgrow back the way I want it to. Doesn’t matter, if I slapped dozens of hydrating hair masks every week. Our hair damage crawls — I realized, they were already not in a very good condition and, combined with the external damage I did, my hair is not very happy with me the way I treat them.

Girls! Now this is the time when we need to take a hard look at our lives and ask ourselves: Are we haphazardly destructing our locks?

So, what-else we can do, not to look our locks thin and lose their luster? I did some research with tried & tested few methods on me with the help of  few experts to figure it out, how to stop ruining my locks. From our meal routines to our combing, I never knew the habits I had were totally destructive for my hair.

  • Don’t skip your Breakfast: 

I do it for most of the time but the fact, is skipping breakfast means serious bad news for hair. Did you know, our body considers hair to be a nonessential tissue. So, if you avoid putting nutrients in your body in the morning, you’re actually starting a day for you hair which is a great cause behind their damaging story, Well, too bad. This damage will reveal itself by causing hair to shed quickly and grow slowly — if you’re a breakfast skipper like me. The quick fix is to start the day with protein and a complex carbohydrate to make sure that the nonessential tissue can get what it needs to grow.

  • Unstable Vegetarianism: 

My Grammy used to say “Jaisa khaye ann, waisa hoye mann” means the way you behave depends on what you eat. She always took care of us to follow vegetarianism. Being a vegetarian is a wonderful but it’s important to still have a well-balanced diet — the meal which includes all the right amino acids to take care your Hair, skin and health. She always thought and said that “vegetarianism is automatically healthier”.  “It’s not that simple, though.” If you are pure vegetarian but still noticing your hair shedding in the shower, it might be time to have a look at your diet and make sure you’re not leaving anything out including protein.

  • Dryness: 

Why I am usually seen itching my scalp during watching TV or in the class or while having food? Looks yukky, Right?? And the reason was ME only. I overused heat-styling tools like copying other beautiful straight hair girls from the internet which led me to get unhappy hair, but I was not very sure why. Reason is,  it’s not taking it from wet to dry that’s the problem — but it’s taking it from dry to over-dry. You got it?  Another bad news: those last few minutes of blow drying are typically unnecessary minutes that we’re doing the most damage and dehydrating our hair. As per the specialists, Hair is a very strong fiber and can take this sort of drying about once a week but I made them over-drying all the time for continuously 2 years and created a vulnerability that let me to breakage. If you’re  still unwilling to give up those final styling moments, just use the great hydrating hair conditioner and turn the temperature down on your tools.

  • Schedule your Trims: 

If you’re  a long hair girl, I am sure your first instinct is to, well, grow it out — without trimming it. Right? Of course, not trimming it means getting stringy, damaged strands, all in the name and for the sake of getting longer locks. On average, hair grows about half an inch per month, which is six inches a year. All it takes is a quarter-inch trim every eight weeks to improve the integrity of your hair. It’ll be a difference of two inches in length after a year, but we’d rather have fuller, healthier hair, anyway.

  • Watch your Ponytails Girls:

We’re all know the discomfort that goes hand in hand with a day spent in a tight ponytail. Discomfort in a way that it’s too tight for the hair follicles, which creates a burden to the hair around your temples. You can get away with it for a couple of years, but it’s not something you’ll be thrilled about in your 30s and 40s, But you’ll surely see the changes like Hair loss. Yeah, that doesn’t sound worth it to us.

  • Brush those Knots: 

While brushing our hair, we all do it like top-to-bottom motion because It’s just what we were taught to do. This go-to habit actually take us on the route to breakage city. If you have a lot of knots and you brush from the roots down, unwillingly you are brushing those knots in a way that it gets way to tighter then before. Instead, just start from the bottom and work your way up.

  • Give some Love to the Scalp:

 We’ve all deal with the dry, itchy scalp sometimes. But, if our hair still OK to us, we usually ignore them and this is a big mistake. If your scalp feels dry and itchy beyond a couple of days, we should take some steps about it. When your skin doesn’t feel good, it means it is as something from us. This is the right time to give some  love to the scalp. The reason may be is Dandruff! and mildest form of dandruff contributes to shedding. Luckily, there are plenty of dandruff shampoos that can help.

  • Hair Dye After Keratin Treatment:

A Big NO NO from my side. You Get a keratin treatment and then thinking to dyeing your hair? It might sound like a really great idea us — Research says, coloring hair after keratin is a big big road mistake. The keratin will change the porosity of hair. So, if you’re going darker, it’ll oversaturate the color. And, if you’re going lighter, it’ll just damage it like crazy. Means damage on damage.

  • Comb it, before you straight it!:

I am all about being lazy sometimes and straightening hair without brushing saves my time. But, what am I loosing? My hair! Using a flat iron without using a comb directly in front of the flat iron definitely causes breakage. It’ll makes hair look frizzy and dry. Easy fix — just comb it before your straight it through each section.

  • Swallow the Iron:

Yes, you heard right. Iron’s important for a lot of things including hair.  Let me tell my story: I was shredding a lot of hair in shower but tried everything to catch the right nerve but all in vein. For some reasons, I was advised to take Iron pills from gynae. After swallowing em about 15 days. I realized, my hair stopped shredding.  You might not feel totally great, but we all have ways we like to explain that away.  Our hair frequently suffer without sufficient iron. The sign? Shedding. If you’re also noticing a ton of hair coming out in the shower, Lack of Iron could be one of the reason.

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