Perfect Skin! A True Story By Aliya from United States


By Aliya
from United States


I had always struggled with my complexion since about fifth grade. My parents would try and help by buying me top-notch anti acne creams and facial washes to achieve that perfect skin. Still, nothing seemed to do the trick. I was miserable and hated my skin, and was convinced that it drove all of the guys away.

This continued, despite the fact that I read The Secret. I read stories online about perfect skin, but I still just didn’t get it. I realized that I was still using facial washes, and that that was where I was using the law incorrectly, but I figured that if I stopped using the washes, my skin would only get worse.

Recently, I took a two week long vacation to Spain (where I’ve always wanted to go). The facial wash I brought along proved to be very problematic, because the bottle wouldn’t close and it would get all over the plastic bag it was in. So, after a few days, I decided that I was tired of the stuff and just washed my face with water instead.

I knew I would have to strongly apply The Secret if I was going to have perfect skin without facial wash, so I started working on my confidence. Everyday, I don’t even know how many times, I would tell myself that I was beautiful and I would believe it. I became so confident that I felt like a million dollars wherever I went in Spain. And you know what? The guys noticed me too! I was a little surprised, but I began to enjoy their attention.

Everywhere I went, I was full of smiles and bursting with confidence. Life was amazing! I put myself above the others’ negativity and only allowed myself positive thoughts.

In the end, it was a completely life-changing trip. Upon returning home, I took a long look at myself in the mirror. And guess what? My complexion is now flawless I had the perfect skin i always wanted :)

The Secret really works, if you believe in it fully with your entire being!

About Aliya from United States: Young adult just realizing the full power of the Law of Attraction.

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