My 3 Little Skin-Care Mistakes With Big Outcomes


My Intentions are good. I do care about my skin, and treat it right—no more grainy scrubs or harsh cleansers, lots of moisture, and a night dose of my favorite tropical cream. But are there any chances, I’m still doing a few things wrong?  One of the senior Dermatologist recently told me about the unwitting skin-care crimes she witnesses most often.


She Says:

1. Overusing my Clarisonic or Massager. I love cleansing my skin with massager every night before sleeping. It’s a great cleansing and exfoliating tool,  She says: No one needs to use it more than 3 times a week. And if you have dry skin, especially at this time of year, once a week is fine. Over usage can cause inflammation, a big culprit behind both acne and aging.

2. Using face oils. Beauty brands can’t seem to launch new face oils fast enough here in India. And trust me they’re a great way to gently soften your skin. But if you’re using anti-aging products—which contains alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, or antioxidants—make sure you apply your favorite face oil after using them and keeping your skin young at any age! When you apply oil first, the active ingredients in your anti-aging products don’t stand a chance of penetrating your skin.

3. Applying sunscreen once a day. She says: Sunscreen will protect your skin for two hours—that’s it! If you want coverage until sundown, you have to reapply. Sunscreen powders are also available in the market to stay protected all day without disrupting your makeup or use the makeup base with some SPF in them.


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