What is Your Acne Telling You

Do you always break out in the same places?

Did you know that breakouts on your Face can be the cause to the problems in  other parts of your body? Pretty Awesome Right!

Causes of Acne

Area of the Face: 

  • Zone 1 – 2 (Digestive System): Step it up! Breakouts here is the reason of your dehydration and your bad diet. Opt for cooling treatment, Drink more water and include more fresh veggies in your diet. It also indicates if you are allergic to any particular food.
  • Zone 3 (Liver):  Slow down your parties Gal! Getting breakouts in this area can be the reason of excess intake of cocktails and dairy food! Do 20 minutes of exercise a day and gets lots of sleep so that your liver can rest.
  • Zone 4 -5 (Kidneys): Put down the cafe Latte Gal! If these zones are hot or swollen, cut down your favourite drinks like caffeine soda and alcohol! Drink lots of water to hydrate yourself.
  • Zone 6 (Heart): Check your Blood Pressure and Vitamin B intake. Cut the meat and start consuming Omega 3, 6 which can be easily found in nuts, fish and avocados.
  • Zone 7 – 8 (Kidneys again): Drink Up Girl!
  • Zone 9 – 10 (Respiratory System): Do you smoke or you have allergies? If neither is your issue then don’t let your body overheat and have have cool food and go out to get fresh air. Dirth cell phones, pillows could be the reason for ur breakouts in this area so keep em clean.
  • Zone 11 – 12 (Hormones): Yes, Hormones baby! Problem in this area can cause blemishes sometime. So make a small trip to the skin doctor to balance them.
  • Zone 13 (Stomach): Hey cleansing Queen, Just stop rubbing your face! do you know your small chin is connected with your stomach? Just start taking more fibre in your meals and take good care to get that perfect, soft skin.
  • Zone 14 (Illness): do you know zits on this part are giving you that hint that your body is fighting with bacteria to avoid illness. Just give a break to your busy schedule and Be a Yogini to Stay Fit & Healthy. Take a nap, hv water and feel fresh.

Are you getting breakouts in any of these Zones on your face? 

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  1. itsshivi says:

    Anytime Payal! thanks for leaving the lovely comment on our blog!
    keep in touch! :)

  2. Payal Pandya says:

    Lol ;) Same Here! Most of the time I get zits coz of my bad stomach. Well thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. itsshivi says:

    wow interesting read! I usually get Zits because of the hormones or bad stomach!

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