Beauty Crisis? DIY Tips to Overcome It

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Considering the soaring prices of cosmetics and beauty products, most women are turning to home-made beauty products for their daily skin and hair care regime. In fact, it is really tempting to use your daily household items to fix your beauty crisis instead of spending on those expensive lotions, creams and cosmetics; isn’t it so? There are a number of DIY tips that you can follow and a huge variety of products in your kitchen and medicine cabinets that you can use for making some skin creams, hair products or face masks. But before using them randomly, you need to know if they actually work and exactly in what proportion do you need to gather the ingredients to make an effective remedy. Here are some tried and tested DIY beauty fixes to overcome your problems –

1. Apply coconut oil in hair as well as skin – Coconut oil is a product that is used to a great extent, not only for cooking, but also to make beauty remedies for hair and skin. Whether you need a lip balm, a face moisturizer or a hair conditioner – coconut oil seems to be a sure solution. Since this oil has super moisturizing qualities, it can keep your hair and skin perfectly soft and healthy. But remember at the end of the day it is oil, and therefore super greasy – so it is better to apply it before bed, and not before a big night out.

2. Use toothpaste to get rid of pimples – Getting a pimple before an event or party is a nightmare for all of us, and it would have been just amazing if there would have been an instant solution for pimples, and this is what toothpaste seems to do. Toothpaste acts like an astringent that draws all the impurities out of your skin and dries up the blemish and helps kill all the germs in the affected area. While going to apply this method, make sure you get organic or natural toothpaste with minimum possible addictives. Get pure toothpaste, and not those gels, apply a small dab to the spot of acne and leave it overnight. Make sure you are not applying too much of toothpaste as this might cause irritations in your skin, or make it a dry one.

3. Use a spoonful of sugar to scrub your face – Sugar happens to be an extremely useful scrubber as it keeps your face soft and moisturized. Since sugar dissolves easily, it is one of the gentlest exfoliator that can be used as a scrubber. Just add a pinch of sugar to your regular facial cleanser as it will help keep your skin hydrated after the scrubbing is done.

4. Apply mayonnaise to get shiny hair – Though it sounds a bit gross, it has been admitted by a number of celebrities as well as beauty experts that mayo hair treatment proves to be of much help when it comes to make their locks look absolutely shiny and full. The reason mayonnaise proves to be effective in making your hair shiny and silky is the oil that it has. This penetrates your hair and gives it a healthy luster. Make a mask with this, apply it on your hair, cover it with a shopping bag and just leave it for 20 minutes to let the mayo sink in before washing it off in the shower.

5. Sleep smartly – Sleeping on your back for most of the time helps you prevent wrinkles. Since consistent pressure on a specific part of your face creates lines, those who always sleep on one side of their face, are most likely to develop larger number of wrinkles on that particular side.

6. Chew sugar-free gums in order to prevent tooth decay – While it is not possible to brush your teeth, after every single meal, you can try out chewing sugar-free gums as an alternative to prevent cavities. Since the action of chewing prompts saliva flow in your mouth, and saliva neutralizes the acids that are produced by bacteria in the mouth, after having meals, this proves to be quite effective in battling tooth decay. In case, the acids are not neutralized quickly after a meal, they might cause softening of the tooth enamel which might lead to cavity, gradually.

Author Bio: Joecy Parker is an Online Manager For Dermatend, She likes to Blog about Health, Beauty and Skin care.

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