Discover Chennai with a Game of Bingo

Discover Chennai with a Game of Bingo

For years now, GirlXplorer has worked hard to bring the best of fashion and beauty to its readers, with constant, consistent reviews of Chennai’s restaurants and salons, as well as online and offline shopping. With all the information available, however, it might be difficult to figure out where to start. For this and more, a quick bingo game might be able to help.

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Bingo has been seeing a rather sharp decline in many parts of the world, with many agreeing that traditional bingo halls are dying, unable to keep up with the convenience provided by online bingo portals, or the rewards and prizes the latter can give out. The pressure of online gaming even prompted UK-based Gala Bingo to launch online services with Parlay Entertainment in 2005. Now, online bingo has flourished into a lucrative industry, and the game’s versatility lends itself well to different causes.

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Just as the UK’s FSA has used bingo to help promote healthy eating through Eatwell Bingo, some modifications to the game can help you better explore Chennai and the rest of eastern India through the use of information on GirlXplorer. As you read across the site, take note of interesting experiences that you would like to try for yourself, from the authentic Chinese restaurants to the art festivals, until you have a list of 25 things you’d like to try while in Chennai. Once your list is complete, head on over to a free bingo card generator like and create a bingo card with all of the items on your list, and head out into town with your card in hand to experience all that Ireland has to offer.

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This game is best played when you’re traveling with friends, as it adds an element of competition to the game. As you visit each place on your card, mark it off, and the first to complete a bingo pattern wins the game. Rewards can be anything from a treat at your new favorite salon or a staycation with the Leela Group. The most important thing to remember is to try out as many of the experiences as you can, and to see all that east India has to offer.

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