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As Navratris going on, I am planning to wear some traditional today (Chaniya Choli – First time in my life) ūüėČ so I had to do some shopping before that (Girls¬†favorite part & for me¬†another great chance for shopping) like some¬†jewelry, cosmetics etc so I picked up this GLAM-UP POWDER CREAM ¬†too by hoping to glam-up my traditional look.

Even though I’ve got this cream yesterday only but I’ve applied it two times to review it as soon as possible. So today I am going to review about this¬†¬†GLAM-UP POWDER CREAM.

Price: INR 150 for 25 gm.


About¬†GLAM-UP POWDER CREAM:¬†It’s a light weight formula gives you a balance and even skin tone; smooth texture with moisture; protection from sun damage and the result; you look fresh and radiant.

How to use: Apply to cleansed face, as and when required

Product Claims:¬†Cream glides on your face like your most beloved cream, yet, provides the finish of an elegant face powder, it’s both, a cream and a powder, yet neither because of its own unique formula in a powder cream. Suitable for all skin types.



DSC_1061 My Take on the Product: The product comes in a Hot Red color of tube with a black color lid on it.  This traditional tube packaging  is so light in weight which makes the product handy as well as travel friendly. You can easily carry it in your purse or clutch. Product tube has a sharp notch which dispense right amount of product for single application on neck and face.

This cream is in white tone with the hint of very light pinkish color. ¬†Cream color resembles the white rose. The consistency of this GLAM-UP POWDER CREAM¬†is so great – not very thick not so runny. If you smell it, you must feel like smelling a natural fresh rose, on the other side this smell resembles the strong perfume. At first I liked this fresh smell but after few min when i kept smelling this cream as it was already on my face, I felt it kinda bit strong. I won’t suggest this cream to the people, who are allergic to strong scents.

As the product Claims “¬†Cream glides on your face like your most beloved cream”,¬†I won’t say it will ever be/like my most beloved cream. The second line was very confusing for me at first. ¬†“it’s both, a cream and a powder, yet neither because of its own unique formula”¬†My reaction was like if it’s a powder then i already have so my in my cosmetic collection why did i buy it. Then its says its neither coz of the unique formula, Yet its true that the formula they have used made it so light to apply. Company may have done hard work to create this formula but it was not up to the mark i was expecting. Having a super oily skin, I always go for the light weight and non-greasy/shiny product.

After applying, some may call it duey ūüôā but for me, my face looked so greasy and oily. It also left some white patches on my skin shown below. To look lil matte, I had to slap on lots of compact powder on it. But by now; like after 2 3 hours, i feel like washing my face and remove it.

Overall, i am not happy with the product. Ppl with dry skin and needing light coverage can go for it. Its not so pricey but whatever i paid was not worth it, I will Instead use Lakme CC Cream or Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream Not Recommended! 





  • Smooth Texture
  • Travel Friendly Packaging
  • Light Weight formula
  • Cream and Powder 2 in 1
  • Smells Fresh & Rosy
  • Not very pricey



  • Very Strong Scent
  • Made my Skin Oily
  • Application left patches on my skin

Rating: 5/3

Have you used this Cream, I hope you have got the great experiences. If Yes, Share with me ūüôā


  1. Laetitia

    There’s something wrong with your blog…
    For one it’s too slow.. Too many widgets.. Too much advertising.. There’s a bar which keeps coming up and refuses to go…
    You must do something about it!
    It was a pain to read a review on my ipad!

  2. Payal Post author

    Hey thanks a lot prafulla! One of my best friend gifted this shade “Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Pure Colour Satiny Radiance Lipstick in 58” Check out the Image here

  3. Payal Pandya Post author

    Your Welcome Mani ūüôā I’m not at all using this glam up cream. But My alternatives to look bright & fresh all day is either Lakme CC Cream (beige) and Lakme Invisible finish foundation (02). Lakme cc contains SPF 20 and other one contains SPF 8. So I would suggest you, if you really wanna opt for Liquid base and normal coverage then you should really go for Lakme Invisible. and to go for high coverage the use cc.

    CC Cream will cost you 250 for 30 ml & Lakme Invisible Finish 200 for 25 ml.

    You can check out the cc cream review here and will post the review for Lakme Invisible foundation (02) soon.

    Visit again ūüôā

  4. mani

    Thanks fa ur comment.. I thought of buying this product, as I was looking fa some special face cream which makes me look bright and fresh all the day… but now I decided not to buy, afterall I have a oily skin too…

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