My Big, Fat & Juicy Valentine’s Celebrations in Pics

Hi Everyone,

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

How was your day with your Mens?? Well, mine was like, I had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Celebrations. On the blog, I looked so much excited with mindful of interesting ideas about V-day but on the other hand side, I didn’t carry enough plans to celebrate it with my men.

After spending all day alone, seemed like just another Friday to me, By 6 o’cl. I was given some sudden instructions to wear something classy and let me tell you, everything just turned out to be so well-planned for V-Day celebrations. Wooooahhh everything happened Unexpectedly great!!

Last time, I shared the idea to Enjoy whatever it is,  

“For few, Valentine’s Day can be a red velvet-covered minefield of overly expectations. If you catch yourself staring at your beloved continuously about half way through a 17-dish tasting menu with a hungry belly and wondering “Really? This is it? This guy?” — Chill and sit at your back! Valentine’s Day is just a day for some nice romantic excuses. Appreciate the ambiance, the food, the wonderful, perfectly-imperfect person across from you, yourself an everything around you.”

Check out my, Big, Fat & Juicy Valentine’s Celebrations here”

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  1. Thanks a lot Priyanka,

    I don’t still consider myself as a writer, yes, its true that I do blogging, but then also I know my limitations. I guess I write whatever I read on… Thanks that you like my blog :)

    Your writing style and blog, both are superb, I must say…
    Alok Vats recently posted…How to Look Attractive to a Guy?My Profile

  2. Thanks Alok,

    Yup I enjoyed the first Valentine Officially. I’ve gone thru your blog and twitter too. am a newbie & I must say, I need some tips ;) Like you I am not a writer but blogging has become my passion since I left my last job 8 months back.

    I really liked lifestyle, personal life related posts from your blog :) Great work/site, Keep it up buddy!

  3. Hey Payal,

    Good to see you enjoying your first official Valentine Day, I reached to your blog through IndiVine and reached to this post. I really like your blog and your writing technique.

    Wishing you all the very best for your future in blogging as well as in your personal life as well.
    Alok Vats recently posted…How to Look Attractive to a Guy?My Profile

  4. mahaan dil not mil. she better be. it’s too tough to live with me unless one is goodness personified

  5. Yes Cookery Show! I won’t be asked to cook as I don’t understand the language and the dish! I am Punjabi.

  6. cookery show!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t watch. next day u will be asked to cook full meal. btw r u gujarati?

  7. Like I have to give my mum in law when she watch Gujarati Cookery Show :)

  8. yup i agree with ur last line poison or sweet. 60s drama they r such emotional piece i never watch those films in one go.but sometimes to give company to my mom, i have to sit.

  9. Lol! Indian Moms are same :) Even after marriage, she scolds me on phone you should treat your laws like this, u should do this this this! I am habitual of her lecture now. Well it depends, its a cage when you can’t adjust, and this is the best ever thing when you get to stay with someone you love..

    Some things are better now then my bachelor days but you can’t compare each other.. Take it as a poison or sweet!

  10. sorry if i offended u. it’s my way to relax my mind. as my mom says get hair straightened. sometimes wear traditional dress. don’t laugh loud. don’t fight. improve ur sleeping habits. u r such u will marry u blah blah blah .makes me think marriage cage, hubby a cruel beast fm 60′s films

  11. Oh great! so you have an elder sis! and Please for God Sake, Don’t call it a cage… I get demotivate ;( . It was my 2nd after marriage, first one was not at all good in anyway except we just had dinner outside that’s it! this one was better then the previous one!

  12. no u have to live in marriage cage. & why won’t u get a royal treatment? it’s ur ri8 & ur man’s duty. last year was my sister’s 1st valentine. i believe my bil would never 4get it. as i was involved in making it my di’s special day

  13. Lol :) so cool! Well i thought vday is especially for singles as after marriage vday craze gets down as thy both stay together… Anyways after knowing ur ideas to enjoy vday differently, want to get single again :)

    But still i got the royal treatment this time…. Unxpected!

  14. am single. but who said singles can’t have fun.god bless these lovebirds we got unofficial holiday in uni. enjoyed discounts in spa and dresses and gate crashed v- parties. haha i m born notorious

  15. Yes, but i found it great… You didn’t share your Valentine’s experience. How was it?

  16. Thank You shja! Yup so true, It was the first Valentine’s I actually celebrated Officially :) BTW was wondering your good name.

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