Why Valentine’s Day is So Important for Girls


To make an effort to understand different sex on earth, I started grasping some knowledge from the Book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which helped me to justify the ample reasons about “Why Women Make A Big Deal Out Of Valentine’s Day” and on the other hand why  Mars Lovers always  Forget Valentine’s Day.”

I understand that there’s something cheesy and popular about teddy bears holding hearts, foil-wrapped chocolates shaped like roses. Girls demand a little extra Tender Little Care and some flowers too, Why? Why do they make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day?


Ohk Let me figure out the Reason no. 1

Coz We Deserve It Guys! 

If guys are spending Valentine’s Day solo means either they would be happily watching  Sports Channel or playing Video Games, but for chicks, spending the “holiday” alone can suck. For starters, restaurants, movie theaters and even freakin’ drugstores are  out of limits. And all of our coupled-up friends are busy sipping champagne, drinks or getting engaged. So, when Valentine’s Day rolls around and we have a guy in our lives, I bet you girls, we’re going to celebrate.

Reason no. 2: Make us feel that early-in-the-relationship Love 

Whether you’re in the agony of just-met joy, males and females both tend to let romantic gestures fall by the wayside. Even if your guy who waited outside your bedroom window holding some guitar to hope to play melodious romantic song to show your love, chances are his ideas of romance has backslid since then. So, for all those men with age old ideas out there whose most romantic gesture in recent history has been to let her commandeer the remote, So guys, It’s a reason to remind us why we fell in love with you in the first place.

Reason no. 3: It’s kind of a competition

We girls are already agreed on the fact that we have become so competitive. Our jobs, our wardrobes, our bodies — we #CompareEveryThing, especially our stuff. For us, Valentine’s Day is like the big game in our life — which we really want to win. Even if our guys has not treated us well all season, but still if you bring your A-game on February 14th, we’ll be swaggering about you for weeks. Please send us flowers & heart shaped chocolates at work so that we could display them obtrusively for all our coworkers to see. Surprise us with fancy dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant and we’ll chant your praises on our Facebook updates and Foursquare check-ins. You get the point? Now think about it: Are you really gonna let us chicks in the next cube show?

Reason no. 4: Valentine’s Day turns us on

All those maudlin romantic expressions do more than make us want to cuddle; they also bring out our instinctive impulse to get laid on bed with the man we love. Yes, Valentine’s Day turns us (Girls) on! So, think of everything that comes before as foreplay and let Cupid inspire jaw-dropping, bed-shaking, wake-the-neighbors sex. Why else do you need to spend money on matching lingerie or to get Costly Beauty Care Services?

Reason no. 5: When a man loves a woman

Even though you guys may cry at the bare thought of Valentine’s Day — or actually forget it all together — we (Girls) are hoping you to remember the day we absolutely love and look for some Valentine’s Day Romantic Trip Ideas coz YES! We’re on cloud 9 when you lit the fire of love as you can see, it really is in our best interest :)


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