In Photos: A Taste of Kutch

Hi All,

This small trip to Kutch is possibly one of the most fascinating travel experiences ever just because of the different and antic experiences we had. (Read: Road Tripping to Rural Bhuj) There are very few places in the world that feel like closer to my soul and Mandvi Beach was one of them. I showed up there with a distressed soul struggling and managing daily house chores, on an impulsive trip that I hoped would rejuvenate me And what to say? That place gave me a break time, space and natural beauty to think, write, and appreciate and to live the little joys of life again.

I instantly fell in love with beach the moment I got off from our car and saw the endless blue water and felt burdensome wind slapping my face. Tide was too low, and the the small waves were breaking on the beach, but the view and the warm water – niiice! I stayed there for a couple of hours, trying to be sensible in the fierce sun.

It will take me a few days to digest my small and refreshing trip to kutch. But for the people who have never been to this place, I wanted to give you a quick taste of some of the highlights of this wonderful, captivating place, a place that stole my heart.

Rann Utsav Venue and reception at the right hand side

Authentic huts to stay at Rann Utsav

Authentic huts to stay at Rann Utsav

White rann of Kutch

White Rann of Kutch

Wind Farm Beach Mandvi

Clicking the closer view of White sand Looking Salt

Distant View of White Rann

Distant View of White Rann


Cement factory near white rann kuch

Cement factory near white Rann


Nothing just us

Camel Ride at white Rann

Camel Ride at white Rann

Our Car on the right!

Collecting the memories on white Rann

That’s how the camel looks from this side

Hotel sadguru on the way bhuj to khawda

Couldn’t find the morning breakfast. Hotel sadguru was the only finest restaurant we found on the way from Bhuj to khawda.. Had to swallow the Poha!

Poha and Tea in breakfast on the way from bhuj to khawda

This one reminded me of my childhood outside the restaurant

On way to kala dungar from khawda

Wild Land on the way to kala dungar from khawda

Probable Magnetic Field Zone State on the way to Kala Dundar

Probable Magnetic Field Zone State! Can’t believe, on neutral our car was reversing back naturally on 60 kmph speed. Felt like someone is pulling us back upwards.

Way to Kala dungar

Wild lonely sheeps on the way to Kala Dungar

Indian bridge area of Khavada: from where pakistan border is visible/ closer

Indian Bridge Area of Khavada: From where pakistan border is too close

Yellow Stone area on the way to kala dungar

Yellow Stone area on the way to kala dungar

DSC_0140 DSC_0139 DSC_0135

Standing on kala dungar: Observing the creek passing through Indian bridge connecting to Pakistan Border

Standing on kala dungar: Observing the creek passing through Indian bridge connecting to Pakistan Border

DSC_0238 DSC_0232

when god duttatray was passing thru earth, he haulted at kala dungar where few kin jackals asked him food

Dutt temple garden area

Camel observation

DSC_0227 DSC_0213

highest peak of Kutch, kala dungar

Highest Peak of Kutch, Kala Dungar

Dutt Temple

Dutt Temple

Green palace hotel gandhigham

Green palace hotel gandhigham


Mandvi Beach

Mandvi beach

Mandvi beach

Mandvi harbor..

Mandvi harbor..

I walked along white sandy curbs of Mandvi beach, lazed down for 20 min and spent sometime sitting and making funny doodles on the sand to find moments like these.


Dipping my feet and witnessing the mesmerizing blues of the Mandvi Beach

Sipping out the fresh coconut water to refresh my soul

Escaping in the woods of Vijay Vilas Palace

Beach Doodle

Vijay Vilas Palace

Bandhni Suits: A speciality of Kutch. Shopping from Kutch Kala Shops

A Must Have Gujarati Thali Before Leaving Kutch

The history, culture, calmness and this palace(Vijay Vilas Palace) utterly invigorating which has an energy that swept through my veins and left me craving for more.


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  1. Payal Pandya says:

    Thanks Shivi! Yup I had lots of fun there :)

  2. Lovely pics! The food looks amazing! would love to visit the place! U seems to be having loads of fun in the pics!!! :)That shadow click is too cool!

  3. Payal Pandya says:

    Ohk cool! so share your experience when you visit kutch :) will love reading you too!

  4. Payal Pandya says:

    Yup True :)

  5. Nikky says:

    Wow Simply amazing captures. Totally enjoyed reading this post today. I’m desperate to visit Kutch soon. Hopefully by next year ;)

  6. sjha69 says:

    hmm it is good to take a break from ur routine to release stress

  7. Payal Pandya says:

    Yup I did so enjoyed so much especially a break from my monotonous daily schedule :)

  8. sjha69 says:

    seems u have enjoyed ur trip.

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