Offbeat Rajasthan: Few Awe-inspiring Mount Abu Experiences

Rabari (gypsy) community of Rajasthan.
Rabari (gypsy) community of Rajasthan.

On the heights of Mount Abu, village with mountains surrounding, Pannibai does some house hold works including selling out Chana Salad to Abu travelers in the hot afternoon sun. A few meters away in the Abu’s Market, next to a makeshift hut of wood and twigs, her husband and son sells Red Mooli (Red Radish) to earn their daily bread. The family has been here almost 6 months, and coming May, they’ll pack their stuff and move to another village, and another makeshift house. It’s the only way of life I have known, she tells me; the real nomad, of theRabari (gypsy) community of Rajasthan.

The villages of Rajasthan are home to hundreds of years of fascinating traditions, and most of the Abu population is employed coz of its visitors and travelers. Many of these old traditions are getting wiped away with the older generation. Partake of these awe-inspiring travel experiences while you still can:

Enjoy a Mouthful of Fresh Red Radish

While climbing the stairs for Adhar Devi Temple, these fresh red radish caught my eyes. Before this, I had never seen these fruit looking thing. I just couldn’t stop my taste buds and wanted to have them anyway. While you buy anything, you have to be smart in terms of making a good deal. The seller just offered me 4 radish in 10Rs. Didn’t matter if they were only 2.

He just cut them in 4 slices, put some spicy masala and squeezed few lemon drops… All that was enough for me to stop resisting without having them ;)

4 Pieces in 10 Rs.
4 Pieces in 10 Rs.



Try Mehandi Stamping on Hands

Before starting my climbing I tried out this artificial stamping Mehandi on my hands. The journey to temple is tiresome but reaching uphill at the top to the temple felt very pleasant and gave me a sense of satisfaction. A very attractive view all around looks from top with a big wishing bell.

DSC_0701 DSC_0703


Enjoy the Surreal Views

 of the hills, river, paddies, and sunsets that are now etched in my mind forever.



Encounter with Tempting Colourful Softy 

Near the flowing Nakki Lake, you can find endless Ice-cream shops especially these delicious Cones. Chilled Flowy, freezy winds from lake and those colourful cones around you, how could anyone stay away sitting on those red benches while cherish those yummy cones!

DSC_0716 DSC_0717

Complimentary Puppet Show 

The resort offered us a complimentary Puppet show. During the show, those kings and queens really made me to remind my childhood days when i never slept without hearing a story about those brave king/queens from my darling grammy! That was the time, when I felt to rewind the clock and and be a little girl again to enjoy everything without worries.


Shop those Soxy Booties & Cute Ear Muffs

I am not a very big fan for chilly Winters and so bad in packing my luggage. As usual, I couldn’t find my socks and other woolen stuff in my luggage. I couldn’t hold myself against that chilly evening and made me to rush and buy those sexy booties and Ear Muffs.

1531587_573678906051753_824469195_n DSC_0736

And what can I say? That small inexpensive 1 day trip gave me the time, space and natural beauty to think, write, and appreciate the little joys of life again.



What offbeat experiences have you discovered in Rajasthan?


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