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pamperWe all need a day to ourselves.  Maybe we’re frazzled out from work, weighed down with responsibilities for friends and family, or maybe we just partied a little too hard last weekend (ahem…cough, cough – like I did last night with my darling 😉 ). Whatever it is, sometimes we need to stop, tell everyone else to back off and get some me-time to pamper ourselves.

So, here’s my detox plan for today. This plan is going into action as soon as I finish writing this.

Step 1 – Water – Add slices of orange, lemon and cucumber to your water pitcher for a refreshing yummy “spa drink.” you can even use these Cucumber Slices as an Eye Soother. You can also add few strawberries. Feeling sneaky? Create your own Hair Mask  and slap some on your chaotic head.

Step 2 – Relaxing Music. (Get Good Mood in Minutes) Maybe it’s Beethoven or beach/wind sound combination. Or it could be the sounds of whales mating with harpsichords in the background, whatever you like.

Step 3 – Lock yourself in the bathroom, get your fluffy robe ready and light some scented candles.

Step 4 – Draw a hot bath with some bath salts. I really like the one which contains the natural mineral blend of lavender, chamomile, St. John’s Wort, valerian and hops to relax and detox my body. It also has some essential oils but not too much – so I would recommend it, doesn’t matter whatever skin you have.

Step 5 – Put some scented body wash on a pouf or loofah to scrub away dead skin and clean up your body. There are a tons of good body washes out there. You can use a gel to scrub while you’re sitting the bath and it will add some more bubbles to your bath.

Step 6 – Do some OMs if you want or you can chant some relaxing mantras of your choice to put your mind and body in a relaxing posture.

Step 7 – Wipe off and rub on some body oil/lotions. Currently I own Vaseline Healthy white with SPF 24 and Johnson’s Dreamy Skin Body Lotion (with relaxing Aromasoothe essence) you can slather it on everywhere – it won’t clog pores. But I wouldn’t put it on my face beacuse I have sensitive facial skin. There are some other great ways to get the perfect soft skin so I think it would be fine for dry facial skin. You can also use regular body lotion of your choice, or the best option to go Organic is Use the few drops of olive oil for a deep moisture. Whichever kind you use, putting it on when your skin is slightly damp means your skin will absorb more moisture.

Step 8 – Slap on some deep moisturizer on your face. Even if you have oily skin like me, still you need moisture. I like to use a gel moisturizers but these days I am Obsessed with Lacto Calamine (The Purple bottle for oily skin) to give some moisture to my face. I decided to use the Lacto calamine coz i think the glycerin will provide the moisture as well as the clay will create the balance from making my skin look too oily. It’s sometime creates a pretty heavy white layer on my skin coz of the clay, so I would recommend to use very small amount. I see it as a special treatment for my skin. If I lived in a cold, windy climate, I would use this every day. But, I live in sunny atmosphere so- don’t be jealous. Lacto calamine is purported to help exfoliating dead skin cells, removes access oil, reduce acne and it also helps to clear dark spots and blemishes.

Step 9 – Do some yoga stretches, take a nap, shave your legs, paint your nails, read a magazine, watch some trashy TV, sweet talk  with someone while giving you a massage, or my favourite – all of the above 😉

Why don’t you wear something sexy and spray some Fragrance Body Mist to seduce your love like I do! 

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