Quick Fixing my Yellow Nails Because I just used Turmeric – French Manicure

They’re not at all cute to stare all day. 

I am food obsessed and trying to make everybody a foodie in my family. To be a lil more loving and caring, I am acting more as a housewife and cooking two times a day myself, where I spend most of my time “accidentally” trying and experimenting with new spices to make delicious Indian Curry.

Picking and breaking the tiny treats of everything I cook to taste them. Sadly, though, I’m working towards veganizing my diet until some brilliant genius Sandwiches comes up with a vegan version. To pretend as a good Indian Cook, I have just sprinkled few pinches of turmeric powder to get a yummy Indian Tadka. Now what else can I see? My dirty, messy yellow nails showered in Turmeric!

WTF How about my manicure I just got it last week? I need to quick fix my nails without spending again… In an effort to avoid total heartbreak, I’ve found my way to quick fix them in my life: French Manicure!

Step 1

DSC_0176Find a French Manicure Kit or make it yourself by collecting all the stuff you need. Pick a Plucker and French Nail Tip Guides. I got few packets from U.S.A Step 2 DSC_0179 DSC_0177Start off by applying Nail Tip guide on each finger tip and stick them thoroughly. Depends on you, how much you like to show off the white tips of your nails. I like to show them a bit bigger then they actually are.  Step 3 DSC_0181 DSC_0184Coat those tips with a White Nail Polish 2 times till the edge of nail tip guides you’ve applied. Don’t worry if you touch the white paint to the tip guide. That part will be still in shape. Let them dry, Show must go on! Step 4:  DSC_0185 DSC_0187 Once white tips looks dry, remove the tip guides slowly and carefully with the help of plucker. I’m you will be able to see the sharp white round edges. Apply a good amount of clear white nail paint. Wohoooo, You’re done! That’s what I did to cover my yellow turmeric nails and escaped myself from a great embarrassment in today’s Kitty Party 😉