LASPLASH Neon Craze Nail Paint Quick Review

Hi Girls,

Finally, I am back to my city from mommy’s house, got to see my first Fab Bag (March) and using the products. You all must be aware, How crazy it made me to get the flowery pouch by the very first time. I am a nail-art person so the first thing I picked up to use is LASPLASH Neon Craze Nail Paint.

P4110101Price: INR 500 for 10 ml

Shade: Neon Craze

About the Product, How do I use it?

P4110100My Take on the Product: As I see the Neon Coloured Bottle, its looks so juicy and addicted that you can’t give it a chance to miss. I had the same thoughts about his color but as they say you can’t judge a book from it’s cover, Its true! I usually prefer to use Opaque nail paints but even after applying the 2 coats, my nails were still visible under it. As the name suggest Neon Craze, its bottle proves it but I didn’t find the same results after applying it on my nails but my nails are looking so dull with the colour its giving.

By the very first coat, I felt like I dipped my nails in turmeric or something 😉

As the product mentioned about the quick drying quality, I agree with the same but “Nail Polish” itself known for the colors, you can’t only judge on the basis of Quick Drying Quality. We girls need great colors too everywhere 😉 I’ve not used it’s other shades but for me and for this shade, the price is not worth the quality.

Overall, This Shade – Not Recommended! 


  • Paayal Pandyaa

    Thats a great idea!

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  • This blog is one of my favorite on internet. I must visit this blog twice a week. Thanks for your effort. Thanks a lot.

  • Shruti

    I would have loved to see more coats on it to really see the true color it is capable of giving. Looks like a pretty shade though 🙂

  • Payal Pandya

    Yup So true Richa!

  • Richa Saxena

    This looks so very gorgeous inthe bottle but too bad the color does not translate on the nails….Lovely review Hun! 🙂

  • pragya

    just the perfect spring color!! 🙂

  • Pinks

    Cute color sweets 🙂

  • laks

    Nice summer shade. Wish it was opaque. I guess two more coats will give it opaque finish 😀

  • Payal Pandya

    But Personally, I didn’t like it much… I got few small bubbles tooo while applying it!

  • tejinder

    grgs n cool shade…beautiful

  • Payal Pandya

    Thanks Anamika 🙂

  • Anamika

    pretty and cool