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It’s already April and soon we will be stepping into the Hot and scorching May. For most of us summer is not all sunflowers and margaritas; melting makeup and sunburns are just a few of the drawbacks the season brings. But we’ve got both the good and bad things in the season change game. 

Thanks to streaking, blotchiness, and those weird sticky skin results, finding a great sunscreen can be a daunting task.  Even though I was using the great sunscreen with SPF 90 but this scorching sun heat beat made me to buy something which could give me the matte effects and yeah I’ve got one..

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Price: INR 345

Suitable forAll Skin Types, SPF 40

About the Product, Ingredients, How to use: 


My Take on the Product: 

 While I was buying Sun Screen, I had only few thoughts in my mind that it should be reasonable with high SPF amount and recommended for oily skin as this (Oiliness) is the big factor which kept me stay away from these Sun Burn Fighter Heroes saving the poor chaps like me on earth Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock with SPF 90 Review Sunscreen with SPF 90 SUNSCREEN FOR OILY SKIN sunblock sun screen LOTUS SUNSCREEN LOTION Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock with SPF 90 Review Lotus Herbals products Indian blog INDIAN BEAUTY BLOG HIGH SPF SUNSCREEN cruelty free product BEST SUNCREEN LOTION IN INDIA Best indian blog   “

While using the first sunscreen with SPF 90, I was pretty much happy with it till the time my make-up started melting from the scorching heat and I stopped using it and wanted something which could give me the light coverage with matte effect on my face.

The sunscreen comes in a flip open cap and that is really cool actually and travel friendly too. The tube and packaging is dark Orange in color and product cover looks average to me but product information is scribbled on tube. This sunscreen doesn’t contain strong smell so sensitive nose girlies can handle it easily. Its smell like any other cosmetics as the LOTUS’S SPF 90  was alike foundation but this one is very light weight and liquid in consistency. It felt so runny to me by the very first time i applied it but then after seeing its matte effects and Non greasy formula, I had no complaint with this sunscreen at all.

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The great thing I liked about this sunscreen is it doesn’t only provide the sun protection but it has skin lightning as well as mattifying effects.

My Daily Skin Care Strategy: I have included this matte sunscreen in my daily skin care and make-up routine. I use it on my arms, hand and neck alone but for the face i mix few dabs of my favorite foundation and all set to head off to my office! Ta daaa!

Overall, I’m pleased this great purchase and surely gonna use it for long. Highly Recommended! 


The Good Things about Lotus Herbals 3-IN-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock:

  • Contains SPF 40
  • Non greasy formula
  • Mattying effects
  • Light Coverage
  • Sun Lightning
  • Easily Available
  • Soft Smell
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gives the natural and clean feel

The Not-So-Good Things about Lotus Herbals 3-IN-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock:

  • Didn’t find even a single.

Would You Buy Again?  Yes, Sure! I definitely will. 


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