Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock with SPF 90 Review

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Hi Girls!

How are you all doing out there?? Hope you had a great time this Valentine’s. Well, I’ve adored mine. Anyways Lets come to the point! Winters are still abide in the some parts of India but here in Surat (Gujarat), It has started feeling like scorching summers in day time and giving a cue to start compiling the great products to keep yourself clean & beautiful.

So Let’s talk safe sun. Fortunately, there are a bunch of facial skin care products with SPF available in the market but it depends how much time you spend under the rays.


Even after having a crazy obsession for skin care products, I never bothered about sun screens in my life yet and never did in-depth research on them. I’ve used banana boat and Nivea Sun many times  by borrowing it from my mum or friends but Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock is officially my first sun screen.  Let’s talk how i find it 🙂

Price: Rs. 595 for 50g

DSC_0034 DSC_0036

Suitable for: Combination & Oil Prone Skin

Active Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Soy Protein – Holds collagen together in a firm and smooth way & helps combat sun-induced free-radical damaged that can accelerate the signs of skin aging. Aloe Vera Extract – Hydrates and replenishes skin and also protects from other sun induced damages. The easy to blend texture gives non sticky & clean feel.

About Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock with SPF 90: A revolutionary, preservative free and light formulation containing potent herbal extracts which protects collagen in the skin*. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and damage collagen resulting in wrinkles. Once collagen is damaged it cannot re-build itself. In fact up to 80% of skin ageing is caused by the sun. 


My Take on the Product: While I was buying Sun Screen, I had only few thoughts in my mind that it should be reasonable with high SPF amount and recommended for oily skin as this (Oiliness) is the big factor which kept me stay away from these Sun Burn Fighter Heroes saving the poor chaps like me on earth 😉  This is the only Sunscreen I got at the store with Maximum 90 SPF in it but when I looked at its price, I almost cancelled the idea to buy one without eyeing the 50% discount board on the Product rack. Also Lotus is a reputed brand in the market which made me confident to buy the product without worrying much.

This sunscreen comes in a tube packaging with lid attached to it which opens its halfway through to use the product accordingly. The tube and packaging is dark Orange in color, as I am not sure if all Lotus Products comes in orange color packaging only or if this is the one. Product cover looked average to me but you can read most of the information scribbled on tube and packaging.

It doesn’t contain strong smell so its good for the people like who can’t bare the harsh perfumes. Its smell gave me the hint of using any foundation but I am OK with it. The very first thing which I found surprising was its  color & consistency as it was my first experience with sunscreen. It totally confused me! While touching the product, I literally felt like, I’ve got the wrong product in packaging.  Compare to other sunscreens I’ve used, its not runny but lil thick looking like light textured foundation.

Usually while going out, I put few dabs of foundation to cover my moisturized face & I am all set to go out. To go with the sunscreen this time, I decided to use it on bare face by hoping that It would work like a moisturizer+sunscreen+foundation. I actually found it a great idea of using it as a 3 in 1 cream. I am always scared of clogging my pores by putting multiple layers on my face but this sunscreen fulfilled the purpose and gave me the option to skip moisturizer and foundation.

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I’m delighted, it is great purchase (Lotus Herbals Sunblock with SPF 90) from sunscreen category for very first time. Recommended! 

DSC_0038 DSC_0041

The Good Things about Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock with SPF 90: 

  • SPF 90+++
  • Contains Soy Protein and Aloe Vera Extract
  • Cruelty free Product
  •  Foundation cum Sunscreen
  • Soft Smell
  • Preservatives free
  • Suitable for oily and Combination skin
  • Non Sticky

The Not-So-Good Things about Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagenshield Sunblock with SPF 90: 

  • Pricey
  • Feel sticky for too oily skin

Rating: 4.5/5

 Would You Buy Again?  Yes, I’ll  buy if I get the 50% discount again 😉



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    This sounds nice! As its suitable to oily skin I might go for it 🙂
    Nice detailed review:)

  • Payal@GirlXplorer.com

    Yup you should go for this one!

  • Payal

    Thanks a lot Supriya! 🙂

    Oh, so Lotus have 3 in 1 matte finish sunscreen too?? 😉 Sorry I am not into sunscreens as I mentioned.. I’ve not used the matte one so I can’t compare to each other..Obviously this one will give you lil duey finish all alone without moisturizer.. If you don’t want to go for duey, then you shouldn’t go for it 😉 Keep Visiting my blog!

  • Supriya

    glad you reviewed it dear.. i have been using the lotus 3 in 1 matte finish sunscreen for ages now… now bored of it and wanted to try something new.. bt was worried mostly on the oilyness part of other sunblocks! now i ll definitely go for this one! 🙂 nicely reviewed