MAC Lipstick Finishes – A Quick and Easy Guide


I loved lipsticks in my childhood and I remember testing out my mom’s lipsticks as a child and felt so grown up.

When I got bit older, no more love for lipsticks and lip gloss was more du jour. My return to lipsticks began when I got my first-ever MAC lipstick as a gift from someone. The colour! The texture! The consistency! WOW it was enough to be fan of Lipsticks.

It smelled less like traditional lipstick. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, and I can’t own lipsticks that smell like granny lair. The great thing which I’ve always appreciated is their tastelessness of MAC’s lipsticks, because I tend to lick a lot of it.

So, thanks to MAC, I’m a lipstick girl again. Even though these lipsticks are somewhat costly then others like each tampon looking black tube will cost you around Rs. 999 but this brand surely makes some of my favourite Picks, and I am forever buying these ones hollaaaa!

Over the years, I have learned and experienced that there are about a million different types of MAC lipsticks– but in seven categories and I’m here to break it all down for you.

MTE4MDAzMzk3NDA1MTQ4Njg2The MAC lipstick counter can look overwhelming if you don’t speak MAC. But here are the seven most popular finishes that make up their standard lipsticks–the ones in the black tampon-looking tube.


Lipstick with the amplified finish has great pigment and long lasting finish but, unlike other matte lipsticks, they are smooth and won’t dry out your lips.


These lipsticks are extremely creamy and glossy. They aren’t much pigmented as Amplified ones. Because of their creaminess, they are quite much hydrating, but not that long lansting.


This lipstick offers medium wearing time, coverage and medium gloss. So if you’re wondering what makes them stand out?  Actually they’re all shimmery and as the name says, they provide a frost-like effects.


These lipsticks are the most sheer from all other MAC lipsticks. These are subtle and very easy to use, because of the lack of opacity and the glossy finish. My go-to Evening Party color. Frou, has a glaze finish. It’s an amazing silvery colour that will surely go with you New Year Party Look and goes with every. single. look as well.


This finish is I found is basically the same as the glaze finish, although I find that the lustre lipsticks come in much more colours and are ever-so-slightly more opaque then Glaze’s. To go with Soft Look “Love Lorn” is my all time favourite.


The matte finish is the tricky one to work with but delivers the best colour payoff and very long-wearing of all the different finishes. These lipsticks also tend to be really drying and take forever to get off. The down side is, I couldn’t find so many colours in these lipsticks.


The satin lipsticks are my personal favourite as they offers long lasting effects and high opacity without being dry. I have never met a satin lipstick I didn’t like. It is like matte finish was introduced to some conditioner and they made sweet love and girls like me give them a warm welcome with a great hug. Some of the best and most exciting colours come in the satin finish.

DSC_0203 DSC_0202

  What’s your favorite MAC finish? What’s the first MAC lipstick you ever owned?


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