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“Less is more”- heard this before?

Now think of your bag full of stuff when all you need is that one favourite lipstick! You go crazy searching for it but all you find is things of no-use. Now, can you put the phrase and your state of mind together? Most definitely not! While there’s nothing wrong with having stuff, there are certain things in life that need to be MANAGED. Yes, I agree, we all try our hands at that every now and then – We clean our cupboard, iron the clothes, fold them properly and then search for that one SPECIFIC super comfy tee in the neat stack! Outcome – MESS! 200265813-001 So since then, specially after my mother screamed (an everyday story), I decided to actually find ways online of how I can be organized and see everything I have in one go. Thankfully I came across Organic Shop (while searching for awesome moisturisers, definitely worth checking out ;) organicshop.in ) and saw their super helpful tips in their #Declutter Campaign. Think about what you would prefer, the feeling of liberation or indecision? Normally when I go through my stuff, everything seems to come in handy “later” in the “future”.  Hear me out girls, LATER is your key word here – push that stuff right at the back. So, while figuring out how else one can make life less complicated, realised what we can gain out of it;

  • Incorporates a better sense of who really needs it: I could sell it all, but that for me is valuable time I can spend on my projects, which is more important. I also like the idea of these things ending up with someone who really needs it, while remembering my mother’s words ‘It’s just collecting dust’.


  • Lot off in life: It also highlights the fact that we all buy too much and could use that money on things that do matter. I’m still spending money on good quality food and my health, but even though I’m not in permanent employment anymore I still seem to be living a good lifestyle, spending less, but feeling that I have more.


  • The more you have the more you want: So many people never seem satisfied with what they have and feel that buying more will fill this void, but does it? Once the buzz of the latest purchase is gone, they are looking at what they can buy next. It’s nice to be able to stop and think about the basic things we have that so many around the globe don’t, even down to the fact that we have choice and the option to live the lives we want.


So the bottom line is to push ourselves and #declutter life! You might even surprise yourself with all the Positive Freedom this has on your life. Try it fellas!

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  • May 6, 2014


    I completely agree with your thoughts here, no matter how much we get, we still crave for more. The more we get the more we want. We should be satisfied in what we have but then it human nature

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