Witty In Photos: Road Tripping to Rural Bhuj!

I was transiting through Gujarat Rural areas on my way to GandhiDham to reach the final destination at Kutch  as I captured these pics. We left the place by 11 in the morning and started road tripping through rural Bhuj. After crossing the city Ahmadabad Just 4 hours away by road from Surat, the state started revealing its dreadful earthquake history and many hidden surprises!

We drove along pristine lakes, desolate highways, newly reconstructed cities, moving windmills and stayed at a work-in-progress TATA SALT plants and lazed in the warm afternoon sun to take a 15 min nap in this long drive to reach Kutch.

This is my visual ode to Bhuj:

  • Craving for Paper Masala Dosa on the middle of express highway at Honest Restaurant to satisfy my hungry stomach and  taste buds.
Yummy Paper Masala dosa

Yummy Paper Masala dosa


  • Hyderabadi Biryani: An all time Favorite treat for him. He never leaves a single chance anywhere to miss this out.
    Hyderabadi Biryani

    Hyderabadi Biryani


  • Taking a conditional nap for 15 Min post the delicious lunch through the entire route of 8 hours by lazing my feet on car dashboard. 

  • Moving Towards the Deserted village through this isolated highway, seemed like NO MANS LAND to me,wanted to drive like a crazy on 150 KMPH


  • Gratifying My Accessories, in the meantime when I just argued on something and don’t find anything to say or chit chat, this is the best way to indulge myself in.

  • Gazing through work-in-progress TATA SALT plants to grab some knowledge and to see how the salt plants works, wondered if I could collect/steal some 😉

Looking at the raw salt and feeling like tasting it

Looking at the raw salt and feeling like tasting it


  • Looking for dark corner to Peaaaa & Pooooh somewhere in wild bushes. WE ARE INDIANS! Usually my idea is to keep the city clean and green but when its uncontrollable, i have to look for some hidden corners.

  • “Laal Ber” make me greedy, Oh my school days! these chutar putar mouth watering things make me greedy and my taste-buds have to loose the control. There is no joy like discovering delicious, locally grown, fresh lal ber, imli or Amrak. Not only to satisfy my mouthwatering  taste-buds but sympathy in heart about affluent but hardworking village women made me to buy some Lal ber from her. Land values have gone through the roof but they choose to live simple lives, working on their fields, selling the stuff to tourists and sending their kids to school. Mighty impressive.  

  • Breezy Winds with Dusky Evening on the long hectic route made my day. Never been to any place where I could see these hundreds of fans together. Flowy winds and the orange sunset made me to stop and walk on the muddy grounds to feel a bit of paradise.


  • Bungee Jumping on the Hotel Bed is good to reminiscence your childhood 🙂 it’ll not only cheer you up but it will save your own furniture to be broken 😉

Have you travelled along rural routes? What memories have you collected?